Barcelona Housing Systems wants to contribute to the worldwide fight against Covid-19 by providing a solution for the rapid manufacture and assembly of medicalized panels in order to convert sports centers or large surfaces into field hospitals.

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Barcelona, 6 de abril, 2020

Due to the current situation of global pandemic COVID 19, BHS has developed a medicalized panel for medical assistance in camp, in order to relieve pressure of intensive care units in hospitals.
This panel offers high hygiene standards, supplies and connectivity similar to those in a hospital.
It is designed to be installed very quickly using simple and low cost elements, and with the possibility to dismantle and reuse it in another location.

It is robust, easy to transport and facilitates the connection of 4 hospital beds (2 on each side) to overhead electricity and data networks, and that is prepared to support oxygen outlets.
Each panel has stainless steel lifting points at its ends for lifting and to facilitate the movement when using forklifts and / or pallet jacks.
It also has stabilization elements to be installed once the panel has reached its final location. These are also made of stainless steel, to facilitate their durability, maintenance and cleaning.
All the elements use the same fixing system, in 12mm metric, which can be installed manually or mechanically.
The faces are covered with hospital grade vinyl of high performance strength and durability.
The individualized supply connections are located in the upper central part of each panel, to ease the overhead distribution of supplies.
The panel can be provided in 2 basic versions:
A. Hospital room panel type, which includes power, data, and oxygen connections.
B. ICU panel, which includes all panel A connections + medical gases and inhale system with one or 2 redundant inlets.
We can design mixed configurations according to client needs.
These panels can be removed just as easily as they are mounted and can be reused elsewhere where needed. They can also be stored to be used in case of future needs.

Each panel measures 2 meters high by 6,25 meters long, its thickness is 120mm and various hospital technical elements are incorporated on each side, such as lighting, electrical and data so that its thickness for transport purposes is 250mm.

This allows to locate18 units on a standard road transport platform (the cheapest) and therefore a performance of 72 beds per truck is obtained.
The panels are packed in groups of 2 for easy unloading.

The estimated weight of each panel is 250 kg +/- 10kg depending on the medical elements available when manufacturing.
Its light weight allows easy handling by electric or manual pallet jacks.

Please check the Product brochure for more information

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