Agreement BHS-PRECON

Agreement BHS-PRECON 909 424 Barcelona Housing Systems

Barcelona Housing Systems (BHS) and PRECON develop an industrialized underground parking solution for residential medium-rise buildings

The two companies present an industrialized solution, based on a reinforced and prestressed concrete structure, for the underground car parks of residential buildings that BHS builds with its system, based on a light steel structure from above ground, allowing the construction of residential buildings in medium-height.
With this industrialized solution, BHS and Precon guarantee the turnkey delivery of a standard 4-6-storey building with a basement within a maximum period of 7 months from the day the building license has been granted. This constitutes a true revolution in residential construction, in addition to guaranteeing stability in prices and qualities offered.
The structure of the underground car park is proposed without pillars, greatly facilitating the architecture, without limitations for the positioning of parking spaces, as well as traffic lanes. Likewise, it saves on pillars and their associated foundations.
Barcelona Housing Systems (BHS) has developed a light industrialized construction system, a system based on a light steel structure that provides a solution for buildings with a ground floor plus five floors. It is also possible to combine it with other structural solutions to give solutions to buildings of up to eight heights if necessary.
One of the PRECON divisions is dedicated to the design, manufacture and assembly of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures for buildings. PRECON has ten manufacturing plants throughout the Spanish territory, which allows a presence close to any point on the Iberian Peninsula.

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