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BHS makes its debut in the German market with the construction of a pilot building

The German subsidiary of BHS has signed a contract with private developers for the construction of an 11-unit building in the municipality of Pfungstadt, in the federal state of Hesse. The project, which will be finished in the third quarter of 2022, will serve as a pilot project for the subsequent commercialization of the BHS construction system in the German market.
Since the company BHS Deutchland GmbH was established in September 2021, many agents, developers and investors, both public and private, have been interested in the BHS construction system and technology. The cost, time savings, energy efficiency and sustainability advantages of BHS technology are aligned with the growing demand of the German industrialized housing market.
According to Cesar Martinell, President of BHS, “the entry of the German market, which has consolidated experience in industrialized construction, is the best support for the bet we started 10 years ago, innovating in the integration of light metal structures with sustainable materials”.
The incessant increase in costs and the lack of skilled labor in traditional construction is giving a decisive impetus to large-scale industrial construction. BHS technology is specialized in manufacturing mid-rise multi-family buildings, such as the one to be built in Pfungstadt.

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