Barcelona Housing Systems (BHS) provides an innovative solution to housing problems in the twenty-first century by combining technology, sustainability and process optimization to quickly, economically and sustainably build comfortable cities that create a sense of community.


Barcelona Housing Systems, a spin-off of CM&A, a century-old firm stablished in Barcelona since 1916.
César Ramírez Martinell took part in the construction of Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (Spain), providing technical support.

Barcelona Housing Systems is a young company, but with a long and successful history. Its roots date back to 1916 with the architect César Martinell and the knowledge inherited from Antoni Gaudí, together with an innovative mind and a pioneer attitude. Before the Spanish Civil War, the company developed a great number of industrial, residential and commercial projects. After the war, the government officially recognized its skills, and the company was engaged in the challenging task of restoring and reconstructing the historical buildings that had suffered severe damage. During the following 20 years, the team saved an invaluable cultural treasure for generations to come.

With years of experience in complex and state-of-the-art projects, and a critical and innovative mind, the firm, led by César Ramirez Martinell, grandson of the founder, has developed a disruptive industrial building system, which has an impact on the building industry that can be compared to the effect the Ford system had on the automobile production. This method is the basis of Barcelona Housing Systems, whose aim is to provide environmentally friendly, affordable housing in fully developed, sustainable communities on a large scale.

The company offers a full range of competences which are used to develop integrated communities worldwide, from drawings to completed project. A resourceful innovation department focusing on green energies and their application in affordable communities is an important component of the company. Strong international partners are backing BHS facilitating a strong growth.

César Martinell i Brunet, Antoni Gaudí's disciple, founded CM&A. His masterpieces were his designs for wine cellars, called “The Cathedrals of Wine” due to their magnificence. Pinell de Brai wine cellar, 1918.
César Ramírez Martinell and Joan Clos, during Habitat III, the United Nations conference about housing and sustainable urban development placed in Quito. October 2016.